Frequently Asked Questions


1) How do I enroll to become a Member in the AJIB Rewards?

Enrollment to the AJIB Rewards is free and automatic to all Visa Infinite and MasterCard Prestige card holders. By becoming a Member in the AJIB Rewards, the member will start collecting points upon conducting any transaction and will be eligible to redeem these points for items or services listed on

2) How do I access my loyalty account?

To access your account, simply log into your account online at or AJIB Rewards Mobile Application using the credentials received via SMS to your registered mobile number at AJIB.

3) How do I receive my PIN Code?

You will receive your PIN code via SMS upon issuing a Visa Infinite or MasterCard Prestige Credit Cards. Your new PIN Code is sent directly to your mobile number registered at AJIB during the credit card application process. If subsequently you request a new PIN, it will also be sent to the mobile number on the file. For this reason, please make sure that the mobile number registered under your account is correct and up to date at all times.

4) What happens if I lose or forget my PIN Code?

You can call our call center at+96265003003and request a new PIN, or visit and click “Forgot Password”and we will send you a new PIN code through SMS to the same mobile number registered in your file.

5) Can I update my profile and personal details?

Yes, you can update your profile and personal details by logging into your account onwww.ajibrewards.comor through theAJIB Rewards Mobile Application. Once logged in, you can manage all your profile information, preferences and contact details. Members are encouraged to keep their profile information up to date to better benefit from the vast variety of rewards. However any changes made on will not be automatically reflected on the AJIB’s systems, so you will need to visit any of AJIB Branches to update your banking personal information.

6) When and how can I start earning Rewards Points?

You can start earning Rewards Points every time you make a purchase with your AJIBVisa Infinite or MasterCard Prestige credit cards everywhere for every JOD you spend.

7) What is AJIB Rewards Travel?

It is a service we offer where you can redeem your Reward Points for travel on real time basis, with an unlimited number of options from global airlines, hotel operators and car rental agents.  www.ajibrewards.comwill provide you with all possible deals so you can select what suits you best.

8) How long does it take to have the Rewards Points credited to my account?

Reward Points are usually posted within a 24-hour period, however, at times it may take up to 2 or 3 business days to be credited.

9) How can I check my Rewards Points balance?

You can check your Points balance statement by logging into your account on www.ajibrewards.comor through the AJIB Rewards mobile application.

10) For how long are my Rewards Points valid?

Your Rewards Points are valid for up to three years from the time they are credited to your account.

11) How can I change my registered mobile number?

You will need to visit any of AJIB Branches spread across the Kingdom and request to update the mobile number associated with your Credit Card. The process usually takes effect the next business day.

12) Can I earn and redeem points when I travel abroad?

You can earn points every time you make a purchase with your AJIB Visa Infinite or MasterCard Prestige credit cards everywhere for every JOD you spend. You can redeem points from anywhere in the world by visiting

13) If points have not been credited to my account, what should I do?

Reward Points usually take about 24 hours to appear on your online statement.  It is a good practice to check your balance online or on the mobile application. In case you believe your earned points have not been credited properly to your account, you can our call center at +96065003003. One of our call center agents will be glad to help you.

14) How can I get help if I have questions that I cannot find in this FAQ?

You can call our call center at +96265003003anytime of the day, seven days a weekand someone will get back to you with one business day to assist you with your query.